On Receipt of Your Plants

When you Receive your Plants

If your order arrives in poor condition, first, please accept our apologies. We strive to ensure safe arrival of our plants, but a lot can happen in transit. Please notify us as soon as possible with photos if there's a problem, so we can help and assess the issue. Photos are critical because it allows us to make a claim with the carrier if the issue is shipping damage. Our policy is that issue notifications must be made to us within 72 hours of receipt via email.

On to Unboxing

Remove the plants completely from the packaging, and remove all cardboard pieces. Please see below for video details.

Move your plants to a slightly shady, cool spot to acclimate back into the sun. Don't forget that your plants have been in the dark for a few days, and they will undergo shock if they're planted right into the ground in full sun after their journey.

If the soil is moist, do not add additional water. If the soil is dry, only add 1-2 tbsp of water. Allow the water to drench through the pot, and wait at least 3-4 hours before adding additional water. Always let plants dry before adding more water.

Allow plants a few days to acclimate to their new climate after traveling. Increase the sun each day until the plants can handle full sun. If large, light colored spots appear on the leaves, this is a sign of sun-scald, which means they were exposed to too much sun, too quickly. The plants will recover, just dial back the sun exposure a bit.

Wait until night temps are above 55 degrees before leaving outside!

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